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Philadelphia Church of God

The Philadelphia Church of God, an offshoot of Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God, started humbly in 1989 with just 12 members. Today, it is a worldwide organization dedicated to continuing Mr. Armstrong’s teachings and mission, which have been repudiated by the Worldwide Church of God. The church has members in 65 countries and regional offices in Australia, Canada, the Philippines, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The Philadelphia Church of God’s world headquarters is in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The church sponsors both the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation and Herbert W. Armstrong College, which has campuses in Edmond, Oklahoma and Edstone, Warwickshire, in England.

Many observers see the obvious connection the church has to supporting biblical archaeology through the Armstrong Foundation. Less obvious, perhaps, is the church’s support of the performing arts. Cultural and performing arts are the highest expression of the human spirit, which glorifies and dignifies God who created it. Concerts, lectures, recitals and all other performances at the church’s Armstrong Auditorium are designed to inspire the guest to cultivate and develop the human potential resident within everyone—in short, to promote the best of the human spirit.